Steve Smith and his fucking face appreciation post [X]

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The Thirteenth Floor Elevators “You’re Gonna Miss Me”  / “Tried To Hide” Promo Single - Contact Records, US (1967). *This is the very rare first pressing release, prior to being released on the International Artists label.


"…these guys radiate a not-exactly-literate drunko-destitute vision that has plenty of room for three-titted Wilman frogs and the like."

FORCED EXPOSURE #16 1990 (page 76)

COWS review by Jimmy Johnson, Editor

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Trailer for EIS Radio episode 007: Dave Bixby.   Featuring a score by K. Reinshagen / Men of Bissau. 

None of my music here, but that doesn’t matter. This trailer provides a nice glimpse into the spellbinding world of the private press cult religious folk enigma with a record named after a feathered serpent. Excited and proud to be a part.

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Before school jambs

Polvo — Peel Session [1992]

1. Cars
2. Bubbling Volvic (Tilebreaker)
3. Tread On Me
4. Snake Fist Fighter

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Lou Reed, reading up on Woodstock, by Joe Sia.
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*slips band references into essay*

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someone buy all my clothes I put up for sale on eBay
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