i love the latest real estate album because it was produced by tom schick and recorded in the wilco loft which essentially means its pitchfork-approved dad rock

😍Mike d
In and out
…and good-shieet like this isn’t helping
can’t zleep

"Who put dat X on your face" I freakin’ love this show hahaha #badgirlsclubchicago

Morocco. Marrakech. 1998
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Celebrate the release of Into Sixes, our next full-length LP due out on August 19th via Anyway Records.  Find details here.
Early show beginning at 8PM.  Kafe Kerouac.
The Gotobeds and Daycreeper will be opening.  Party on.  Support World Music.

freakin’ cool flyer
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DADAMAH "Papa Doc" (1992)

From “This is not a Dream” (LP. Majora. VPAG LP 5750. 1992)

by  Biblical Proof Of UFO's

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~   Colin NEWMAN (via ozkar-krapo)

J. Mascis
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by  Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

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Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments / some party / Columbus, Ohio

Opaque  by  andbamnan